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Odom in Miami?

p1_odom_gettyLamar Odom is reportedly entertaining an offer from the Miami Heat to join Dwayne Wade and try to help the Heat return to the NBA Finals. There just seem to be too many problems with this scenario for me to believe that he would actually sign with the Heat.

First, Odom would be taking a pay cut of roughly $9 million. The Heat can only offer him a little above the mid-level exception which would be just below $6 million a year. Where as he already had an offer from the Los Angeles Lakers at $9 million a year for three years that he sat on for too long before the Lakers decided to pull the offer off of the table.

Second, Dwayne Wade may be on his way out the door himself for free agency after next season. He has said that he would sign an extension if the Heat committed to rebuilding toward a Championship, but he would leave if they weren’t able to convince him that they were truly making the effort. Is signing Odom enough for Wade or would he need the Heat to do more? Does Odom want to risk being locked into a contract and be stuck on a team without a bonafide star should Wade choose to leave?

My money is on the Lakers resigning Odom to a contract around 4-5 years for $35-40 million.

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