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LeBron to South Beach

LeBron James is heading to the Miami Heat.  What does that mean for the NBA, fantasy owners, Cleveland fans, Heat fans and the rest of the world?

The NBA now has a team that in theory can compete with the LA Lakers for a Championship.  In reality though, the Heat are three great players, (James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh) with absolutely ZERO depth.  In their attempt to clear out enough cap space to land LeBron, Bosh and resign Wade, they have completely destroyed their roster.  Some people would say that it was a great move.  Others would say that the season is very long and you need key role players to make it through the season and the playoffs.  LeBron has shown that he can take his team all the way on his own but was never able to finish the job by himself.  He hopes that the new Big-Three will make that possible.

Fantasy owners will now have to deal with LeBron losing shots per game, gaining assists, losing rebounds and probably losing some play making opportunities.  Wade, like LeBron is a play maker.  Bosh thinks he’s a play maker when in reality he is a nice complimentary player.  The difference between this Big-Three and the Big-Three in Boston is simple.  Boston has Ray Allen (3pt. dagger thrower), Paul Pierce (play maker) and Kevin Garnett (all out student of the game).  All of which when playing well together require a double team.  LeBron and Wade both require double teams but Bosh doesn’t.  Plus Boston has the depth that is so badly needed in the NBA and so badly lacking in Miami.

Don’t get me wrong, the Heat will be an amazing team to watch.  But, it will be tough for them to sustain throughout the entire year with absolutely no bench.  If they could make some more moves to add some depth, they could easily be considered Championship contenders.

The Lakers have a great system in Kobe Bryant (play maker) and Pau Gasol (dominant Big) with Lamaar Odom (Bosh’s future role) coming off the bench.  But, they too have the much needed depth to sustain the full season and the rigors of the playoffs.

Cleveland has nothing now.  Their hearts have been ripped out and thrown in a blender.  It is sad to see LeBron leave the Cavs.  He was everything to that city.  I really wish he would have stayed.  I guess a silver lining in all of this could be that he didn’t leave strictly for money.  He truly believes that Miami is the best place for him to win and to keep on winning for years to come.  Who knows?  Maybe the Heat will contend for the next 5 years.  They have two great players in James and Wade and a nice building block in Bosh, but salary cap space and the lack of depth caused by it will really hold these three back from what they are capable of.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bosh end up on another team in a few years just to make room for some role players.  Egos shouldn’t be an issue.  Pat Riley is the master of controlling a locker room.  Bosh would be the only concern here.  He is on record saying that he isn’t a second option on offense.  Well, in a way he is right.  Now, he’s the third option.

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