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Fantasy Playoffs Nearing Start

With only a few days left before the fantasy playoffs begin for every NBA fantasy leaguer out there, the mad rush is on to fill in the gaps and to put the best rosters forward. For leagues dealing with head-to-head formats, the competition is sure to be intense, as most of the big-name stars in the league are still healthy and still playing great ball – save some recently injured stars like Boozer and Nash.

Other leagues have already adjusted to begin the playoff push. But regardless of what type of league you’re in, we’ll go over a few pointers you can use to give you the best chance of playoff success.

Fantasy basketball isn’t like simply betting on the games. Internet casinos and sports books set odds on teams, not on individual players’ success. So we already know this is a different monster – a game that requires sporadic and scattered talent to outplay competition. To that end, you certainly have to approach the games differently than if one solid team were playing.

First up, it’s time to stop relying on quick injuries to heal. The aforementioned Nash and Boozer aside, you also have to look at players like Channing Frye, Rudy Gay and Eric Gordon. Drop them from our rosters outright. Even if they show up healthy, odds suggest they simply won’t be productive enough to help you through the playoff push.

Next, aim at winning counting categories only; six of nine standard categories go on stats, like rebounds, steals, points, assists, three-pointers and blocks, so focus on building your roster to win those six categories. Put your best players forward at each respective position. Make sure they’re well-rounded players, too, and not one-trick ponies. You shouldn’t sacrifice a goose egg in one category to pad another.

You also have to become more of a dictator-like presence for your team. This means that being a basic manager is out. You need to micromanage the little details, like studying one-on-one matchups and making sure your guys statistically bests your opponents.

It’s true that statistics won’t always pan out. You could be 90% to catch a 10 in real money blackjack, for a quick example, and easily catch a 2. Such is life. And the same holds true for basketball. Your guy might have the edge on paper but end up playing a bad game. However, that’s something you’ll have to eat. Going with the averages and ignoring that proverbial gut feeling is how teams win.

Make sure you’re always studying the schedule. Pay attention to which teams have more games, which players of yours are doing well due to supporting cast or are simply heating up, and make sure you pounce on “hot” players to put in matchups.

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