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Luis Scola Will Blow Up This Year!!!

luis-scolaYes, you read that correctly. Luis Scola will blow up this year and he will be the best fantasy option on the Houston Rockets. Better than Tracy McGrady, better than Trevor Ariza and better than Yao Ming. Well, the Yao Ming prediction shouldn’t be a surprise since he is out for the season after having another surgery.

The fact that Ming will be out for the season is precisely why Scola will blow up this year. He will be the only inside scoring presence the Rockets will have this year and that means he will have to carry the offense. McGrady has seen his better years pass by and now will be a nice accent to Scola for this season. McGrady can score with the best of them but he can’t be counted on to stay healthy.

Aaron Brooks will be the main outside scoring threat and the Rockets will call upon Scola to make his own scoring opportunities which in turn will open up the outside game. McGrady is no longer a dominant playmaker so Scola will have to pick up the pieces. This will be a huge season for him now that he will have the scoring responsibility. He has already shown he can play defense and rebound. Look for him to be a very solid if not almost great source of fantasy points this yearM